State Tax

Bingo Law In Arkansas May Be Changed To Repeal State Tax

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The game of bingo can be played for charitable events in the state of Arkansas with the understanding that a one percent tax will go to the state for all games. It is that one percent tax that lawmakers are now working to eliminate.

Last week, a Bill was presented that would do away with the state tax that charity bingo organizations pay. The Bill was put on hold after Rep. Kathy Webb made a motion to delay discussions because of the impact it would have on the state budget.

Today, Webb made another motion, this time releasing the Bill and making once again back up for discussion. The state could lose up to $1.1 million if the state tax is repealed.

“We are trying to address those concerns. I think we may see some changes in the Bill,” said Webb. She did not indicate what those changes would be. One of the other aspects of the Bill would be allowing two charitable organizations to hold events at the same location.

The state tax currently is for a division in the Department of Finance and Administration that monitors the bingo activity. It is the contention of the bingo operators that local law enforcement could monitor the events, leaving no reason for the one percent tax.

Charity bingo is used by many organizations throughout the US to raise money. Millions of dollars have been raised through these charities, but there also has been corruption in others.

The Governor of Arkansas is concerned that eliminating the division that overseas charity bingo would lead to more corruption and less regulation.

Machines Seized

Bingo Hall Operating In Mechanicsville Has Machines Seized

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The ADF Bingo Hall in Mechanicsville had been warned by authorities just like many other establishments that carried instant bingo machines. They did not heed the warnings they were given.

The Maryland Attorney’s General Office declared many of the machines that were being used in restaurants, bars, and other devices violates the state’s law. Most of the establishments using the machines have unplugged or removed the machines from their facilities.

The ADF Bingo Hall, however, had not bothered with acknowledging the warning, and kept on using the machines. By Thursday, their machines, over sixty of them, had been confiscated by the police.

The owner of ADF had hoped that the Sheriffs Office would show up, this way, she could show them that the particular machines she was using were legal. She never received that opportunity.

Police did come to her bingo hall, but it was not to see whether the machines were legal or not. It was simply to confiscate the machines. Diamond Game manufactures the machines that the hall was using.

Their President, James A. Breslo, had this to say, “She(hall owner) was waiting for them to come by so she could demonstrate how these machines were legal. That never happened, and without notice, they(authorities) just showed up and hauled these machines away.”


Bintan Trying To Create Gambling To Help Tourism

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A Bill is at the hands of the Bintan Legislative Council that would allow the legalization of gambling in Bintan, Riau Islands, province. The Bill has been in the Legislature since September of last year.

The Bill is aimed at creating an area that will help Bintan, which is already a tourist destination. The casino gambling would be a bonus for the area, and one that several feel is necessary.

“The objective is to develop a new destination for Indonesia,” said Chief Operating Officer, Lim Boon Soon, in an interview with Kuala Lumpur. Landmarks Bhd. is trying to build the casino in response to Las Vegas Sands Corp. building one in Singapore.

The project would cost $3.1 billion, but would be Indonesia’s first casino. It would be competing with the casino the Sands group is building, being only a fifty five minute ferry ride away from each other.

The new Bill has not been without its opponents, maybe causing the delay of the Legislature to approve it. It will need to move quickly if the desired casino is wanting to compete for gambling business with the Sands group.

“The special integrated tourist resort Bill, which allows electronic and non-electronic sport games, has raised a wide public controversy, and that is why we are still awaiting considerations from the central government and the public,” said Timbul Sianturi, the Secretary of the Regency Legislature’s special committee that is handling the development.

Political Campaigns

Bingo Could Be Coming To Political Campaigns in Michigan

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Bingo is a game that has become sort of outdated. While it is experiencing a revival online, not many bingo parlors in the United States are prospering.

A proposal for new legislation in Michigan would allow for the game to once again be used as a political device. Currently, only operational costs can be paid from political bingo games.

Representative Mark Meadows has introduced legislation that would allow for political parties to raise money for candidates through charitable bingo games.

The idea has several politicians agreeing it could be a good way to raise money. “The primary reason political bingos were stopped is that Democrats used them successfully and they were not a Republican fundraising mechanism. This was done for the wrong reasons, and it’s time to reverse this,” said Meadows.

While there are several cosponsors to the Bill, not all involved believe this is the complete answer to raising money. Bingo is an old fashioned game, and with the addition of many casinos, the games popularity has gone down.

“In areas like mine where there are a lot of casinos, bingo games aren’t very big sellers anymore. But in some areas, it will be a good way for political parties to raise money without going out and asking for direct donations,” said Representative Steve Lindberg.

Like most issues, the parties are torn. The Democrats like the new legislation because it will help them raise much needed campaign money. The Republicans have plenty of money, so they do not want to see the Democrats have an outlet to compete financially.

Online Gambling

Bill to Legalize Online Gambling Gains 48th New Co-Sponsor

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Rep. Jerrold Nadler [NY-8] has joined the fight for Online Gambling when he became the 48th co-sponsor of the Internet Gambling, Regulation, and Enforcement Act (Bill H.R. 2046, aka the IGREA), which has been proposed by House Financial Services Committee Chairman, Rep. Barney Frank [MA-4].

Rep. Nadler is an important member of Congress serving his 9th term. Currently, Rep. Nadler represents District- 8, NY, which includes portions of Manhattan’s West Side, Lower Manhattan, and areas of Brooklyn. He currently serves on the House Judiciary Committee, and the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

More importantly, Rep. Nadler is the Chairman of the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties Subcommittee. In this position, he must deal with issues such as expression, religious freedom, privacy, due process, and he is the first line of defense in many crucial ideological battles that take place in the House.

His endorsement of the IGREA is not a small gesture, as he is well respected in the House and influential on the Judiciary Committee. This co-sponsorship may be just what the Online Gambling Industry needs to spark others on the Judiciary to join in.

A statement on his website says that “there is nothing more fundamental to being an American than the assurance against unwarranted government interference in one’s personal affairs.”

In addition to the above-mentioned committees, he also serves on the Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security Subcommittee.

Rep. Nadler can be contacted at any of the offices listed below.


Rep. Jerrold Nadler

201 Varick Street, Suite 669

New York, NY 10014

Tel. 212-367-7350


Rep. Jerrold Nadler

445 Neptune Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11224

Rep. Jerrold Nadler

2334 Rayburn House Office Building

Washington, DC 20515

We encourage all to call, write, and/or Fax thank you notes to him for his insight towards Internet Gambling and how it is negatively affecting cross border trading and violating long standing treaties with our allies worldwide.

We suggest to politely request of him his continued support and encouragement to engage in further discussion of the benefits of legalized Online Gambling. Also suggest that he pursue others to join the fight to restore some very basic rights that the current Administration has taken away for moral reasons.